Does the product roadmap for your financial institution's credit cards have enough meaningful differentiation, allowing you to capture the top of wallet position?  Travel Notes Flight Compensation helps you strengthen the features and benefits of your cards by putting money back in the pockets of your cardholders who have been impacted by a delayed, canceled, or overbooked airline flight.

Whenever your cardholder purchases an airline ticket with your financial institution's card, we help them secure compensation from their airline for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight. In the case that your cardholder is eligible for compensation, we have partnered with legal experts who handle all of the paperwork and communication with the airlines on behalf of your cardholder. 

Core Benefits

No Risk

No loss, no fee, and nothing but benefits for your cardholder. The average compensation from Travel Notes Flight Compensation is $450. In return for handling the compensation process, we receive an average of 25-35% of the compensation amount. But, if we do not put compensation back in the pocket of your cardholder, then no commission is taken. 

Drive Loyalty & Travel Spend

Give your cardholders a reason to purchase their airline flights on your card, not the other cards in their wallet. When they book their flights using your financial institution's card, they will have peace-of-mind knowing they can quickly and easily secure compensation from their airline for a delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight. 


Leverage your brand equity by white labeling our email and text notifications associated with Travel Notes Flight Compensation. We handle all communication with your cardholders, including customer support so that you can put this program on autopilot. 

Travel Notes Flight Compensation leverages the itinerary data that we already integrated into your fraud engine, so that you do not need to allocate any additional technology resources.

Our product automatically notifies your cardholder when they are eligible for flight compensation (via email, text, or push notification), and links them to a compensation approval form that has your financial institution's branding.

Travel Notes makes it simple and cohesive for your cardholders and your financial institution throughout the implementation process.