As the tool that helps enable Travel Notes to provide a seamless customer experience for your cardholders, the Travel Notes Fraud Platform automatically notifies your financial institution of your cardholders' travel plans when they purchase airline tickets, so that their card is not declined when traveling outside of their normal geographic area.

The Travel Notes Fraud Platform provides your financial institution with significant value by reducing operating costs, improving customer satisfaction, and offering competitive differentiation by insuring that your cardholders have a seamless purchasing experience when traveling. When it comes to implementation, we minimize the amount of project resources needed from your organization by designing the Travel Notes Fraud Platform for easy integration. 

Core Benefits

Reduce Operating Costs

Eliminate costly inbound and outbound interactions with cardholders, and reduce the amount of time spent on manual fraud case work.

Improve Fraud Detection Accuracy

Dramatically reduce false positives by knowing the location of cardholders, without them having to first contact your financial institution.

Drive Cardholder Engagement

Build trust & loyalty with your cardholders by decreasing the amount of false denials they experience while traveling, leading to an increase in transactional revenue from that cardholder.


Industry Standards Compliant

We strategically designed the Travel Notes Fraud Platform to be out of scope of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), although we have complied with the security standards as a best practice. 

Rapid Vendor Processing

Breeze through the information security processes and forms required when bringing on a new vendor, because the Travel Notes Fraud Platform does not exchange, store, or process social security numbers or card numbers.  

Privacy and Authentication Encrypted

We leverage industry best practices such as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), end-to-end encryption by transmitting PGP files, and a secure data tunnel with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). 


Designed for easy integration

Travel Notes Fraud Platform provides a comprehensive implementation guide for a clear structure and project timeline, which allows you to spend less time engaged in the implementation process and more time helping drive the strategic direction of your company.